Being bordered by light forest, rolling farms, and the rumbling Marideth River, Phaendar is vanishingly small by the standards of outsiders, but also one of the largest settlements in the southern Nirmathas’ region of Nesmian Plains. The town grew around the tumbledown ruins of an abandoned Chelish bastion, which itself was built atop an older trading post established by veterans of the Shining Crusade. A citizenry of fewer than 400—spread between the town and outlying farms—makes up its permanent population. On any given day, citizens spend a few hours each morning and evening tending their small holdings, and then retire during the afternoon to pursue various handicrafts. Nearly every resident is a talented woodcarver, weaver, or leatherworker, and Nirmathi homes from Tamran to Skelt eventually gather a few sturdy furnishings born in Phaendar workshops.

Most of the town consists of wood and thatch structures, and even a few canvas-walled pavilions; monsters, bandits, and the occasional Molthuni raid destroy property too regularly for most Phaendari to feel the expense of longstanding stone buildings is worth the investment. Despite its simple construction, the town sees light trade in spring and fall as farmers, ranchers, and prospectors from the Nesmian Plains and the Hollow Hills gather to swap produce, ore, lumber,
and livestock and to stock up on worked goods from the community’s many artisans.

Like many similar communities across the nation, Phaendar has little oversight. An informal town council oversees the community—largely to organize festivals and collect funds for repairs—but the people of Phaendar generally resent anyone claiming real authority over the community and steadfastly refuse to elect anyone to positions like sheriff or mayor. What little law enforcement exists—what little is needed in such a small, tight-knight community—is handled by a makeshift posse or enforced by the nearby Chernasardo Rangers, who frequently resupply and recruit new members during the seasonal trading markets.

This small town situated in the Nesmian Plains is one of the largest settlements in southern Nirmathas. Nearly all of its residents (fewer than 400 in all) are talented leatherworkers, weavers, or woodcarvers, and most Nirmathi homes from Tamran to Skelt eventually feature a few sturdy furnishings born in a Phaendari workshop.

Like many similar communities across the nation, Phaendar runs with little codified oversight. The town is still known for its strong personalities, though, including the foul-mouthed priestess of Cayden and former Chernasardo Ranger Aubrin the Green.


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